SS-01 • Advances in Decision, Control, and Testing for Autonomous Intelligent Systems
Co-Chairs: Henglai Wei, Yan Wang, Zeyang Yin, Vimal Rau Aparow, Hui Zhang
SS-02 • Performance Assurance of Industrial Wireless Systems
Co-Chairs: Kang B. Lee, Richard Candell, Allen Chen, Al Salour, Victor Huang, Hans-Peter Bernhard, Pablo Angueira, Pang Zhibo
SS-03 • Fault Diagnosis and Attack Defense for ICPS
Co-Chairs: Yuchen Jiang, Jingwei Dong, Xin Peng, Youmin Zhang
SS-04 • Harnessing Multi-Agent Systems for the Realization of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
Co-Chairs: José Barbosa, Paulo Leitão, Bilal Ahmad, André Rocha
SS-05 • Tools and Methodologies for Real-time CPS Test Bed and Implementation
Co-Chairs: Nand Kishor, Anurag Srivastava, Francesco Flammini, Jianying Zhou, Avinash Kumar

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