Technical Tracks

TT01: ICPS Theory and Technologies
Core Technologies, Security & Trust, Interoperability, Communication Networks, Connectivity OT/IT, Semantics, Control, Information Processing, Security, IoT/IoS, Cloud-Fog Computing, Big/Smart Data, Simulations
Co-chairs: Yuchen Jiang (CN), Bilal Ahmad (UK), Thomas Strasser (AT)

TT02: ICPS Architectures and Engineering
Industry Architectures, Industry Standards, RAMI 4.0, Industrial IoT, Engineering Methods and Tools, Lifecycle Management, Integration, HMI, Safety, Engineering Systems of ICPS, Standards, Development/Engineering Best Practices
Co-chairs: Wenbin Dai (CN), Bernardi Pranggono (UK)

TT03: ICPS Automation and Autonomy
Automation within ICPS Context for Industries (Agriculture, Healthcare, Factory, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Retail, Service, Supply chains), ICPS-Based Autonomous Systems, Robotics in Industries
Co-chairs: Alisa Rupenyan (CH), Mihoko Niitsuma (JP), Shichao Liu (CA)

TT04: ICPS Energy
Cyber-Physical Energy System Design and Operation, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Power Trains, Electric Vehicles, Microgrid, Smart Grid
Co-chairs: Chandan Kumar (IN), Ruilong Deng (CN), Federico Baronti (IT), João Martins (PT)

TT05: ICPS Advanced Modeling, Control, and Optimization
ICPS System Modeling, Control Theory and Applications, System Optimization and Control
Co-chairs: Xunyuan Yin (SG), Ahmad Al-Dabbagh (CA), Dong Zhao (CN), Jianping He (CN)

TT06: Artificial Intelligence for ICPS
Machine Learning, Generative AI, Metaverse, LLMs, NLP, AI Explainability, Edge AI, Neuromorphic Computing, Foundation Models, Synthetic Data, Industrial Experiences
Co-chairs: Xuan Wang (US), Daswin De Silva (AU), Zhenghua Chen (SG), Hao Luo (CN)

TT07: ICPS Emerging Applications
Smart Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Smart Home and Living, Smart Framing, Mobility, Water Management, Mining, Oil & Gas, Intelligent Enterprise, Smart Transportation, Internet of Underwater Things, Smart Medical Systems
Co-chairs: Hiroaki Nishi (JP), Gabor Sziebig (NO), Lei Shu (CN)

TT08: ICPS Education and Social Aspects and Ecosystems
Digital Skills, Education Curricula, Lifelong Learning & Training, Digital Society, Future of Work, Innovation Management, Visions/Roadmaps, Industry Digitalization, Strategies & Markets, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Impact, Societal Implications, Sustainability, Innovation Management, Innovation Ecosystems, Visions/Roadmaps
Co-chairs: Didem Gürdür Broo (SE), Abdellah Touhafi (BE), Kazuhiro Umetani (JP)

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